Friday, July 11, 2008

(Lazy) Ode to my steam cooker

Okay, so it's not a full ode, but it is in iambic pentameter, baby!

Your pearly surface smooth and cool to touch,

But inner chamber stained by purple rice.

Preparing n'er too little nor too much,

Be sure your comp'ny was well worth the price,

For lazy rice you bring and veg'bles too,

Cooked fresh and crisp with nutrients in tack'd.

I find my lazy savior works through you.

Save me, my friend, from days so densely pack'd.

For only need you: water, sparks, and time,

No interference, stirring, eyes of mine.

1 comment:

redcrayoncircle said...

Hmm... what lazy vegan English majors do for fun...

There once was a girl from CU
To veggies and tofu she's true
Don't mention meat
Or she'll turn on the heat
And try to make a vegan of you!

Alright, admittedly nothing on your ode effort but mine only took two minutes to write.